Sunday, May 25, 2008


I've been thinking about printing some of my own fabric for awhile. The only catch was the design. Then about 2 weeks ago, my flatmate put his bike in the outside bathroom, which means the door is open, which means I saw the tiles in there for the first time in awhile. They're very 70's and very cool. And, the design would make a fantastic fabric print. So, I took photos of it, and last night, drew it up in Illustrator. Then I printed it out, and stuck it on the wall and spent the next little while last night, and quite a bit of this morning looking at it. I've since added a little. There might be more. Or some different interpretations of it. And I need to work out colourways. And scale. Then I will print it. But here is the design so far:


This is the first thing that I have crocheted other than beanies and scarves! I'm pretty darn proud of it and it looks so cute on it's new owner!