Monday, November 24, 2008

In the works

I'm a little busy at the moment on customs, so not a lot of new stuff is showing up in my shops, especially in the way of bags and wallets.

I do however have some amazing fabrics here or on their way and they are destined for those things, so I thought I'd post them here so my loyal followers (!) can see what's coming as soon as I get a chance.

So, for totel bags, a couple of the new fabrics are:


And for a wallet there is this Amy Butler fabric:

There are some others, but I don't want you to get over excited, so I'll save them for later.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A blast from the past

My mum suggested a few weeks ago that I make mushroom bags. At first I didn't know what she was talking about. Then she explained and I knew exactly - we had them when I was a kid, but I've never seen one since!

So what are they? Simple - a drawstring bag made from calico and used to store mushrooms. It's a great idea - they keep the mushrooms fresh, and they can be reused, so they save paper/plastic.

And they're easy to make! And quick to screen print! So now, there are some in my Ozebaby store.

PS: I'm hoping to thank the money gods on Friday - at last!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Something new!

I've been struggling with the construction for a new bag. I know what I want, but I'm just not sure how to achieve it and it's hard when the supplies aren't nearby to go and look and try things out.

I've also been trying to come up with something smaller and cheaper than normal to put in my stores. Something that can be posted overseas cheaply and something that would make a good, inexpensive gift (especially important with christmas coming up). I wanted to make some of those cute little key fobs I've seen around, but couldn't get the metal parts locally.

Then yesterday the idea hit for a tiny little purse/key fob combo, and The Travelite Key Fob was born! They're small, easy/cheap to post, inexpensive, not time consuming to make AND a great way to use up fabric scraps. They hold a few cards, or a little cash, or a small tube of lip gloss, as well as your keys (obviously!). And they're small enough to fit in your pocket. Sweet!