Saturday, February 13, 2010


Apologies again for my absence!

I would like to blame it on the curse that seems to have been placed on me. The one that involves one thing after another going wrong. One of the latest is that I managed to kill my computer almost two weeks ago. I don't recommend doing this because getting a new one is an expensive pain in the bum.

I type this from my shiny new Compaq Presario which is running the 64 bit version of Windows 7. It's the same machine that my printer refuses to install on. And the same machine that the sound is only half working on - as of yesterday. And the same machine that when I restarted it earlier tonight, changed the screen resolution all by itself. And the one that some of my software won't run on because it's too old.

Oh yeah and the apostrophe and quotation mark keys don't type apostrophes or quotation marks when you press them - they show up when you press a key afterwards. That one I can live with - now that I've worked it out.

Shiny new computers are supposed to be exciting... This one is lucky it hasn't been thrown out the window.

Due to the ever growing list of dramas I've encountered over the past 3-4 weeks, I have no new work to show you. Oh wait - I couldn't show you anyway because I can't login to my flickr account. When I try, it sends me into a crazy loop of - this is not the correct login, click here to have your login details sent to you, this is not the correct login, click here to login...

You're all totally gonna go and buy a new computer tomorrow aren't you?!

OHHHHH and I forgot - it's the same computer that didn't know it had a DVD drive/that the DVD drive didn't work on... Because it WASN'T PLUGGED IN when the machine was built. At least that was easy to fix....