Sunday, July 27, 2008


I think I need to work harder at my job! Actually I probably need to just make it more like a job than like just doing stuff when I feel like it. I hope that doesn't take the joy out of it, but I think it's important.

So this week, I tried making more. It was late in the week when I decided to do this, so more was only two things. One thing was a birthday present, so that one is not sitting on the 'shelf' and the other thing went on the shelf and then sold within 12 hours - so the shelf is empty again!

And the totel bag was well received and sold quickly and I realised the problem with making such a great looking bag... The bar is set REALLY high now and I am a bit stuck as far as making an equally great fabric selection for the next one. I'm really nervous that a bag with a different fabric combination won't look nearly as good. Of course the only way to know is to make it. I just have to decide now between the frogs and the retro...

And back to making this a job. First, I need to make more stock. Wallets, handbags, tote bags mostly. Then I need to sell it on etsy, madeit and anywhere else I can find. I need to branch out from the current store. Then, I need to blog better/more and join in forums etc to promote my work.

I read something tonight that made a lot of sense. I have been worried about listing on places like etsy because the fees add up (even though etsy fees are such a bargain). But then I read this article and the idea of looking at each listing as an advertisement (which is really cheap at 20cents!) is a really good one.

I need to think more about pricing too. It's a tough one. The balance between paying myself decently, and the 'market price' for something is tough. I'd love to charge $200 for a handbag, but if it never sells then it defeats the purpose, right?

I SHOULD be able to make a good living from what I do. Just gotta work a bit harder at it!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Not enough hours

Ever feel like there are not enough hours in the day? I sure do. What do I need more hours for? Well, firstly, making more things. And secondly, promoting what I make. I need to network and blog and advertise and sell at markets and chat on forums and I have no idea how to fit any of that in. Probably less time thinking about it and more time doing it!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Totely finished!

The tote bag is finished and I'm very happy! I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

Monday, July 21, 2008

It's all in the details...

Even though I own an amazing book which covers every sewing technique known to (wo)man, I've not thought a lot about extra detailing until now. Simple things, like top stitching the outer of seams. They make SUCH a difference!

I was going to write more than this but I'm too tired to think now. One of the neighbours kids came over for an hour tonight. I had no idea how tiring a 5 year old was! An hour and I'm exhausted!

Oh, there's a new tote bag on it's way. So far it's looking amazing! I made a huge mistake when I cut the first pieces of fabric, so it's nothing like it was going to be, but I love it when the bags just kind of make themselves. Pictures coming as soon as it's done. I'm just having an all day debate with myself about how to do the straps... I'll decide soon.

Saturday, July 19, 2008


There are many.

The first one of note is that I got rid of my awful flatmates. It took a few days for me to unwind and now I realise how stifled and stressed I was with them here. Things are flowing much better now - life seems so much better and I'm about as close to happy as I get!

Then, I've had lots and lots of orders placed lately which always makes me happy! It's nice to need to work, so that there is stock in my shop.

And speaking of stock. There are whispers of a market stall! And a hint of terror, just thinking about how much I'd need to make for one and how long it would all take! Sometimes I wish I made tiny things that only take half an hour. I made a couple of handbags this week. They each took all day. Ahhh well, I love making them. Must make more.

Now it's just past midnight and time for sleep.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Ooops have been neglecting this! I've been busy actually. Nothing too exciting, just work stuff mostly.

I think I've worked out the worst part of my job. Too many ideas and not enough time to make everything I want!! I've got a whole bunch of new fabric and I'm all inspired to make stuff. The problem is that I'm supposed to be working on an order. And even when I finish the order (and looks like I've got a quiet week coming up), I won't have time to make EVERYTHING I'm thinking of.

What a terrible curse!

Oh speaking of the new fabric, I've made a very nice handbag with the very first piece which I scored last week.