Tuesday, April 15, 2008


It's after midnight, and two hours after I took the phenergan that's supposed to help me sleep and I'm still wide awake, again. Normally this wouldn't really bother me, but I have to get up a bit earlier than usual tomorrow, so it's annoying. I probably should be in bed instead of complaining about it here, but I'll get there soon.

This is the least creative based post ever. Tomorrow, I hope that Vance's Darifree Original will arrive on my doorstep and that it will taste ok to me. What? Why? It's a potato based milk. I think I have some kind of intolerance to dairy (as well as wheat), so I need to try going off it for a few weeks to see what happens. The problem so far has been finding an alternative for milk. Rice milk and soy milk both taste gross to me - especially in coffee. The Darifree has been recommended to me, so I really, really hope that it's ok. I can live without cheese, and cream, and sour cream, and yoghurt, and milkshakes and all of that, but that one cup of coffee in the morning, with it's 3/4 cup of milk is just something I can't live without at this stage. And putting yucky milk into it isn't an option.

So, if the Darifree is good, then tomorrow (or the next day - whenever it arrives), I will start my dairy elimination. I hope that it will mean the end of the itches, the reflux, the allergy shiners, and the insomnia.

Oh and I got a new kitten a month ago and he's sooooo lovely! Sooooo different to devil cat and so snuggly. Yay for friendly kitties!

And I finally posted the PJs and they fit the boys and look awesome!

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