Sunday, September 21, 2008

Admitting defeat

It's almost 3 in the morning. My back is killing. And I just broke a needle and threads and stuffed up the timing of my machine again. I fixed it and finished what I was sewing, but then decided it's probably time to stop for today.

The unexpected wholesale order is proving to be a major pain. I'm hoping to get the hemp component of it done and delivered on Tuesday. I've done just over half of it, but first I didn't have enough hemp washed, so it's out to the washing machine at midnight and I hope it dries quickly tomorrow (if tomorrow is like today it will - hot and windy yay!). And second, I've run out of organic cotton thread and of course it is not sold in Australia. So I'm seriously contemplating ditching that thread. It kinda sucks to sew with and keeps breaking and I'm not convinced it's very durable. I don't want to upset the folks who want organic stuff, but if the snaps are plastic, does it matter if the thread is polyester?

On that note, I probably should go to bed, or pack some stuff in a box or something...

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