Monday, September 1, 2008


Just the furniture at this stage. The rest is another story (in short, they're putting my rent up by $100/week so I'm outta here - when I find a new home).

Yesterday I did some serious rearranging of the sewing room. My desk is no longer a bed, but an actual desk/table. The industrial machine is in there next to it. There's a new storage system for fabric. It's tidy and rather spacious and makes me happy. I seem to still be recovering from the effort it took to move a double bed, single bed mattress, desk, cupboard and 400000kg sewing machine though.

I will be back sometime tomorrow with photos.

Oh and the beast is going well and I sewed 14 pads on it today with no dramas. Wasn't brave enough to top-stitch them though. I really need more bobbins before I do stuff like that as it involves many different thread colours. No rush to use it more and I don't want my other machine to feel too neglected! I also sewed a bag on it since my last post too.

And lastly before sleep, I don't know if I dreamed this or not, but I think I know why mousey (naughty kitten) has been waking up so early and whinging every morning. I'm sure this morning I woke up to find him shivering. I'm sure I then put him under the doona and we all went back to sleep. I hope I didn't dream it and the solution to combat the pre-7am starts is to keep the little guy warm.

Right, now, sleep.

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