Friday, September 12, 2008


So I got up early today and started my drive up to the mountains to check out the house I mentioned yesterday. Halfway there the agent called and said that if I had time, she had another place to show me as well. It sounded promising so I said that would be great.

The first place I looked at was so so so small. Basically a tiny loungeroom, a kitchen/hallway, a tiny bathroom and a tiny bedroom. Infact, I think the backyard was bigger than the 'house'. There was a gorgeous dog next door who I made friends with while I was waiting and also a lovely little ginger kitty, but the place was so small that there was literally nowhere I could put my sewing machine.

So, off we went to the second one. I'd seen it on the website but it said no dogs, so it was not on my list but the agent said she was pretty sure the owner could be convinced since they were having a hard time getting someone in. So I look and I like and I apply and an hour later it is mine!!!

3 bedrooms (2 with built in wardrobes!); a studio, workshop and lock up garage outside; a cubby house(!); a big front yard; a crazy winding up the garden path kind of backyard; a blue bathtub; the UGLIEST poo green shagpile carpet; wood paneling on one wall in the lounge room and a big old heat bank/radiator thingy sets the lounge room off beautifully.

So it's not so pretty inside, but I really like it for some reason and anyway, old ugly carpet is good - I don't have to worry about the kitties wrecking it! It's all nice and private and sunny and not too far away from the city so I'm happy.

I still have mixed feelings about the move and I just had a sad 'I'm not going to be a city girl anymore' moment, but I'm also incredibly relieved! I sign the lease next week and can pick up the keys next weekend. So I probably should stop blogging and get some work and packing done!!


Nikki said...

Yay!!! Well done. More than once I've been strangely attracted to ugly houses. Yes - I've had the faux-wood panelling, too.... but they've been houses that have made me happy. I think I sensed that they needed a little love and when I put it into them they paid me back by being my little haven.

Michelle said...

so glad you found a nice place they can be few and far between.and a studio yah...