Thursday, October 30, 2008

Up and down

This morning I got woken by a phone call to say that my orthodontist appointment for Monday has to be cancelled and the next available one is in a month... I argued that a month is a long time away, but booked it and asked her to get the ortho to call me. So far no call, but we'll see what happens. It's been six weeks since my last appointment, so waiting another month pisses me off. It's nearly three years that I've had the braces on my teeth and it feels like this will just be a waste of a month. So I'm hoping that he calls and I can get him to squeeze me in to do a quick power chain change to get me through the month. Also annoyed because I was looking forward to a quick Sydney trip to see my friends etc and am supposed to be getting cat food and now my main reason for going doesn't exist anymore.

Also just felt wrong today. Basically having a panic attack and feeling teary all day for absolutely no reason. Short tempered as well.

It's weird though cause otherwise I have had a good day. I know what I'm making Dad/Clint/Greg for Christmas and while I was looking online for supplies for that, I stumbled across a supplier for some shiny metal things I need. The prices are really fantastic, so as soon as some money lands in my bank account, I'll be making a big purchase that should see me through Christmas and beyond and save me some much needed money. It also means I shouldn't need to increase my prices which is something I'd been seriously considering doing.

Anyway, this is all pretty boring and I really should be working. A half finished nappy bag calls my name.

Oh and there's a new bag design in the works! Just got to find the time to do the prototype, and get my hands on some leather!

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