Wednesday, December 17, 2008



I can't wait for Christmas to be over! I'm sorry to all those who enjoy it cause I sound like a big fat meanie, but seriously it just means crazy times regarding work and then a few days visiting my family which involves a lot of driving and quite a lot of stress. This year though, instead of having a few days after that to myself, when I get back I'll have 3 nappy bags, a wallet and a tote bag to get made, and a visit from my little brother so I'm going to be busy for about the next month.

There is some good news though - I was starting to panic because I couldn't find any showerproof nylon for the nappy bag lining and I ran out a few days ago. I got some samples sent from a company in Melbourne which helped me work out exactly what I needed. The problem with them was they have a 50m minimum and it would end up costing me nearly $500 which is a huge outlay, so I kept looking and around 3 o'clock this morning I found a website for a relatively local company who had what I wanted. 5 hours later I called to ask what their minimum was and OH MY GOD they don't have one and OH MY GOD yes I can pick up 5m this afternoon. They were so incredibly helpful and it's just what I was after. I am very very relieved!

And now I need to go make a nappy bag ish version of The Adorn Handbag which needs to be posted to its new owner tomorrow. The embroidery is done (except the handle), but that's all so far. YIKES!

Ohhh coffee first. Which will hopefully help my headache.

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Nikki said...

Get some sleep, girl... not some coffee!!

Your xmas sounds about as restful as mine... I hope tht at least there's some good food to look forward to?