Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A bit of a belated thank you!

I meant to post this a few days ago. The Adorn purses are popping up in all sorts of places at the moment! I just wanted to say a big, big thank you to Dikla from Israel for featuring my Etsy store on her fantastic blog for the past few days. There's a tonne of really cool stuff on there, so go check it out!

In other news, I just found out that an adorn purse made it to the front page of etsy for the THIRD time in about the last week! YIKES! What's that saying about 'it never rains'?? They have been viewed and favourited a lot of times - just got to wait for the right person to come along and buy them I guess.

And in terms of work, yesterday I made a light box for photographing the small stuff. First test photos came out great and looked like they'd save me a tonne of time with lightening up shadows/backgrounds in photoshop. So today, I finished off 8 Travelites, put them in the light box and took 36 photos in the heat under the lamp... And all the photos are terrible!!!! I really like the colour orange, but not when it's where a white background should be! So I then spent the next several hours playing with 3 different lamps in various configuations and nothing came out right.

So tomorrow, I'll take it outside and see if that helps. It will be great if it does, though I'll have to get used to photographing in daylight hours instead of the middle of the night. I love just getting something finished, photographed and listed straight away, hence the midnight photoshoots, but lately I've been spending more time touching up photos than actually making the item, so I'm really hoping the lightbox will cut that time right down.

And speaking of work and purses, I've got one to finish off, so I should get back to it!

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