Sunday, May 23, 2010


I sold these two pieces outside of Etsy and realised that they aren't really preserved anywhere anymore, so I thought I'd blog about them. I have a feeling I've mentioned the first one before:

Vintage du jour purse

Such a pretty one off piece! 3 days of work... Luckily it's gone to my next door neighbour so I can visit it if I need to!

And a piece that few people would have seen:

Inessence hobo - navy floral

This was the first of my new Inessence range of bags etc made from natural, eco friendly, reclaimed and vintage fabrics. The outer is a very nice recycled hemp/organic cotton blend, with a scrap fabric applique. It's lined with a vintage fabric. I'm looking forward to making more like this!


incalesco said...

Kirrily that clutch has long been in my favourites. Sad that I was never able to buy it myself, but happy it has gone to a good home.

Nikki said...

Sensational bag, Kirrily! I'm glad I saw the purse in real life before it went to its new owner, too.