Sunday, May 30, 2010

Studio rearrangement

This week my studio got rearranged! Previously it was cramped, and with the addition of the ironing press and overlocker, it was getting difficult to work in there. So a trip to Ikea and I'm all set!

New shelves and containers (from my kitchen actually) to organise all the little things! And a home for the overlocker.


And another new shelf for the ironing press and other assorted bits.


Now the only problem here is the ironing board, which no matter where I put it, is in the way. It's currently stashed under the cutting table as you can see, but that's not practical. Think I'm just going to have to take it out and move it around everytime it's in the way. It's a million years old and weighs a tonne, but what else to do?!

Oh and trying to add a little life and colour in there too... I love indoor plants - especially these babies that I've grown myself!


PS. Please just pretend that I've emptied the recycling bin and vacuumed the floor!


planettreasures said...

Looks great!
Love those shelves.

Mama Mel said...

Love it Kirrily!!!!

ejorpin said...

Is that your fabric neatly arranged and ready to go on that blue ladder-type thing? Awesome idea!

Kirrily said...

@ejorpin - yup! It's the base of a tubular steel bunk bed! I was forgetting what fabrics I had when they were all in a pile in the cupboard, so this way, I can always see them. And when I run out of ways to procrastinate, I rearrange them into colour groups!