Friday, November 9, 2007

Working on it...

So I worked a 40+ hour week this/last week... Just a little tired, but getting through things. My to do list isn't looking much different though. I have decided what to make for Cam and Annette and I have bought the singlets for that and Sam/Jesse. Nothing else on my list has even been touched since I have been too busy with actual work. Halfway through a nappy bag, then need to make two wallets and the weekly WC pad order - all between about now and Monday/Tuesday.

In exciting news, I bought a new sewing machine this week! Well actually it's not new, it's 30-40 years old! I got very lucky and found it at the Salvos for $10 and it works perfectly. It doesn't do much - just straight and zig zag stitch, but it does them beautifully. It's got a few adjustments - my favourite being the presser foot pressure adjustment. It might just make sewing bamboo velour easy for me. It would be kind of funny if I end up making pads on this relic, instead of my fancy new machine, but I'll do whatever works best!

The crochet bug is still biting. I'm going to _try_ making a tea set for little girls. Its what I'm going to use to wind down at the end of the day since I find it quite therapeutic. If I can't make the tea set, I'll just keep making little mice for the cat. She seems to like them. Though she doesn't need any more for a week or two since I found most of the mousey stash this morning - hiding under the cabinet in the loungeroom. There were about a dozen of the little things that have been missing for months.

Probably should get back to work... The list isn't getting any shorter while I write this.

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