Saturday, July 19, 2008


There are many.

The first one of note is that I got rid of my awful flatmates. It took a few days for me to unwind and now I realise how stifled and stressed I was with them here. Things are flowing much better now - life seems so much better and I'm about as close to happy as I get!

Then, I've had lots and lots of orders placed lately which always makes me happy! It's nice to need to work, so that there is stock in my shop.

And speaking of stock. There are whispers of a market stall! And a hint of terror, just thinking about how much I'd need to make for one and how long it would all take! Sometimes I wish I made tiny things that only take half an hour. I made a couple of handbags this week. They each took all day. Ahhh well, I love making them. Must make more.

Now it's just past midnight and time for sleep.

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