Monday, August 25, 2008

Argghhhh I may be pushed

I've been toying with the idea of moving for months. The main reason is the rent here is so expensive. I need to share to afford it and I hate sharing. The options for moving aren't a lot and I figure the best place would be the blue mountains. It's vaguely affordable, nice enough and not TOO far from my current life.

I've kept putting it off though because I like it here. I really like it here, despite the rent.

This morning didn't start well. The kitten was up before 7 and refused to go back to sleep so every 5 minutes I got woken up. That wouldn't sound so bad to some people, but I didn't go to bed til around 2, or after. Then I'd been up for 10 minutes and I hear a loud voice at the door. There's a strange man and a woman. Turns out the woman is the owner of this house and the man is extra loud, but I think he was here because his english is better than hers. They want to inspect the house. I tell them they can't right now, but tomorrow will be ok. Maybe this way something will get done about the leaky roof. Anyway, then they tell me that the owners family are thinking of moving up from Melbourne, so they might need me to leave.


The hardest part is actually coming up with the money to move. I have to pay the bond at the next place before I'd get the bond back here. Then there's a few other expenses and the actual moving part, but the big one is the bond. Better talk to the dept of housing...

Argghhh better think about it all tomorrow - supposed to be finishing a job and sending it today.

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