Monday, August 25, 2008

Quite the day...

So I've been to see the dept of housing. I think they can help. Still don't want to move, but it's not so traumatic if the money bit is mostly sorted.

Got some cat food that the devil seems to like - YAY! And the lovely Ali didn't charge me for it since I got ripped off at the other store last week.

Posted my order that was due today. The fabric for the next order still isn't here, so I still have an excuse to have not started that, though I could cut the rest out.

Then after a long day running around to dept housing etc, I find half the suburb is closed for some reason and there are police. So it takes an extra 10 minutes to get home. But I drive in the driveway and see my neighbours have just put an INDUSTRIAL SEWING MACHINE out on the footpath to be collected by the council. They tell me it doesn't work properly but I take it anyway. A random guy walking past helped bring it inside cause man it's heavy. So in a minute after I've had lunch etc, I'll go look at it. I already found a manual for it, so maybe it's easily fixed and will be a gem.

Oh and I have to look this up but the awful back/hip pain I've had for months might have a name - bursitis.

Lunch. Now. 5.07pm

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