Sunday, August 17, 2008

A dilemma...

I just made a nappy bag using an amazing echino print. There's a teeny bit left and I've decided I need a new bag for myself. Afterall, I am a bag maker - I should have a good bag to show off. Now, what's the dilemma? The girl who makes bags doesn't know what kind of bag to make herself!! It must be practical but it must show off the most amazing of fabrics at the same time. I think it's best to make it the same as my others, but hmmm, maybe I should add a gusset so it's bigger? Ahhhh life is tough.

Oh and the nappy bag took about 4.5 hours less than last time I counted! It wasn't a particularly quick one to make either, on account of a few dumb mistakes and also a pattern that only has one way up.


Nikki said...

I face the same dilemma - I tend to use the dodgey bags that are "not good enough" to use for business... and then I get attached to the bag and carry it around until it's an absolute embarrassment. Thank goodness I discovered those zipper-pulls and replaced the SAFETY PIN (!!!) in the bag I was carrying (with the pin in it for MONTHS!!).

Oh - and thanks for sympathetic blog comments. Hopefully all will be well and I'll have stopped whinging by the time I meet you at the show next week.

Kirrily said...

Ohhhh Nikki, safety pins?!!!? Too funny!

I think I know what I'm doing for the bag. Pity I have no time to do it!