Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Industrial sewing machine repair: Lesson #37

When you undo a screw to adjust something, be sure to do it up TIGHTLY!! Failure to do so will result in the timing you set so well being totally ruined and two hours of time wasted figuring out what is wrong and then fixing it.

I did fix it and I did finish the bag I was making at the time. And now I've got 3.5 bags still to make. Better get back to it!


NeverEverEmma said...

I'm impressed that you attempted fixing an industrial at all :)

I love your new bag design.

Nikki said...

Oh - and I can fill you in on Lesson #38.... don't go undoing the feed-dog and losing that TINY little screw. About 15 years ago it took me a week and $12 (read: $25 today) to replace a few mm's of metal, and the machine was USELESS in the meantime.