Sunday, October 19, 2008

Watching paint dry

Well I was. Then I thought that was a rather large waste of time so I am here instead, telling you about it. If you're interested, I was painting my bedside cupboard to match my new room. The colour of the paint isn't quite as it appeared in the sample pot, but I think actually it's better. It's called Black tea and it's a really dark olive green colour which will match perfectly. I'd show you photos but the camera is in the car, and I don't feel like going outside to get it.

It's been about a month now since I moved into my house. Unpacking is ALMOST done and setting up is also almost done. I am ignoring the rest (once the cupboard is painted) for a few weeks because I desperately need to catch up on some work. My mum spent a week here (she left yesterday) helping me set everything up so it's all looking good, except for the disasterous curtains that I made for the loungeroom. I'm really mad about those. I wasted a lot of expensive fabric and they don't fit and they are crooked and I still don't know why they don't fit since I measured, calculated, measured, calculated over and over. Mum is going to re-buy the fabric and make the curtains herself and send them to me which will be great because my mess can't stay up there - it's downright embarrassing. Who would have thought that curtains could be so hard to make? They're rectangles... I can make wallets and fairly complicated bags, yet I can't make a curtain to save my life. Oh well, at least I know now and I'm oh so glad we bought ready made curtains for my bedroom cause otherwise I would have ruined two sets.

I realised a few days ago that I have been moving now for about 5 weeks and I was so exhausted and everything mum and I were doing was going wrong so I was pretty awful while she was here. After she left yesterday I took the rest of the day off and cut my hair, watched a movie, took a nap, watched the rest of the movie etc. Today I woke up at 9ish and let the furry kids out and went back to bed until after midday. Then I got up, took washing off the line, made coffee and started the paint job. Soon I will tidy up the sewing room and get to work. I'm feeling as refreshed as I'll get and running so short on time. Yesterday I was feeling awfully unsettled and lost. Today is not so bad, but I'm also ignoring it. Still not sure I like my new life and already missing being able to go down the street to have coffee with my friends. I'm sure this will all pass once I'm properly settled and have a few days back in my normal routine.

Anyway, I need food and to get that tidying up done. Hopefully I'll have more interesting news soon and perhaps some photos of my new house (after the new curtains arrive cause I'm not showing anyone the ones I made!)

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Lucy C said...

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