Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hey Nikki, I had another idea!

Hey Nikki, I thought this may interest you, with your abundance of seam rippers and all!

I find it a bit annoying that my industrial sewing machine doesn't have a thread cutter of ANY kind. Despite the fact that I own too many pairs of scissors, there are never any right there when I need them. So for the past few days I've been dreaming of how I could add a thread cutter to my machine. And tonight, the idea struck!

So far it works a treat! It may get in the way when sewing around the top of a nappy bag or something, but hey, sticky tape is easily replaced.

And more good news - one of the customs that has been weighing me down is finally finished. Seems like it took forever, but gee I feel better now it's done! Can't remember how many to go since every time I cross one off the list, I seem to add another one.

Also itching now to make a new wallet with some adorn action. And a tote. Must do customs first. Must do customs first. Must do customs first...

PS. Yes, the sewing machine is threaded kinda weird. But that's what you've got to do when half the tension assembly is missing!


Nikki said...

A stroke of genius!! You're a clever girl.

Re: machine threading - Are you missing a spring in your tension dial?

Kirrily said...

Yep, no spring... No numbers either, but can live without those. It works well like this and one day I'll see if I can track down a spring etc.

Robin Lynne said...

Very smart! I used to sew a lot (mainly tube tops and totebags, easy stuff) and I don't think I could've lived without the built-in thread cutter. Scissors are just too much of a hassle :P

And I never would've thought of your idea, so clever. Hooray!

-Robin Lynne