Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Branching out

I'm working on a whole lot of new ideas at the moment. There is much frustration when things don't work and then little bits of glee when they do.

Today, there was glee. The first of my new Adorn Pendants is all finished. I'm wearing it as I type, just giving it a good trial run to make sure I don't need more stitches or glue or anything else.

It has been an interesting process to get this made. Lots of figuring things out on the run, despite having a few pages of my work journal full of sketches and notes. I have a tonne more ideas, so I can't wait to make more.

Adorn pendant (Queen Anne's Lace)

I'm hoping to list some of these for sale in the next few days.


planettreasures said...

It's a very lovely idea, Kirrily.
Well done.

Nikki said...

oooh - I like! Can you add this to my FLickr group?

Jess said...

Kirrily, that looks awesome! Definitely make more!

lyptis said...

Nicey nice!
Isnt that great to try new ideas!

When they work out that is.. otherwise BIG drama(in my case). But this looks lovely.

Ange said...


Nice name too :P

lyptis said...

Is there a new blog post coming soon, or what?!:D

Kristy said...

mmm I am intrigued... :)