Saturday, December 6, 2008

New work

A few months ago a new friend asked me to make her a wallet but she couldn't decide which fabric she wanted so she left it to me. I couldn't decide either, so I thought that the best thing to do would be take some of the emphasis away from the fabric. My wallets are normally one fancy print on the outside, so they're kinda hard to miss. I thought something a little more subtle might work. It really did and I nearly kept the wallet that I made her. Since then I've meant to make more and introduce them into my shops, but haven't had a chance.

Then last week another friend who is art director at a magazine said they were doing an article on handmade gifts and that he would try to include some of my things in it! Very exciting! So he chose a handbag and asked for a wallet to go in as well. I thought this was a good opportunity to make another of the more subtle wallets. So this is it:

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