Sunday, March 29, 2009


A few weeks ago, I mentioned some new bag designs were on their way, including one ohhh so simple bag. Yesterday I started work on them and the first one is complete and ready to go to its new home!

It is the InReverse bag! And since I'm a bit sleepy (lazy?) on this Sunday, I'll just copy and paste from the description I already wrote: It's a cute little bag with one outer pocket that features two different prints. Unlike most reversible bags, you're not turning the whole bag inside out, just the pocket. Turn the pocket to one side and you are showing off one print. Turn it in the other way and you're showing off the other print! Like I said - simple!

The idea actually came about when I was making the bags for the Rainbow Comfort Packs for the bushfire kids. You'll note that it's very similar to the car one that I made then. When I was making that bag, I turned it inside out (as you do a thousand times when making a bag) and the pocket was inside out, but the bag still looked and worked perfectly. That happens all the time, but on most of my bags it doesn't work well. But for that style of bag it is perfect and seemed so logical to make the pocket look good on both sides so you could choose what you wanted it to look like on any given day.

I've been saving the last little piece of the Echino Bird fabric for months and months to make my own bag. There was just enough of it to make two InReverse bags, so this one is for sale and one day soon, I'll make my own! And it will have the cars on the other side too cause that's my second favourite!

Oh and if you love it, you can buy it here.

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