Monday, April 20, 2009

Back to your regular programming!

I'm glad to hear that you guys aren't bored of my work (yet!)!

So here is some more for you.

I just finished this nappy (diaper) bag and it's accessories today. If you've never seen my nappy bags before then I should explain a little. They're actually two almost identical bags that are snapped and clipped together to make one big bag. The idea is that you can just take one (half) out for quick trips, or the whole thing for longer trips, or more kids! They have fancy things like water resistant lining that can be wiped clean, a key clip, insulated pocket etc etc. And you can even turn one half into a backpack! And you can get a matching change mat, wipes case and snap in wet bag too. They're a bit of a labour of love for me - over 12 hours work in each one.

I haven't put one on my blog for aaaaages, so I thought I'd show this one off.

Plus 1 Design Nappy Bag

And I finished this little bag off last week. It was a custom order for a customer in the US. It is a small version of the shipshape bag that is in my etsy shop. I love how cute it turned out and I hope its new owner loves it as much when it gets to her in a few days!

Mini shipshape bag

And lastly I put this new Adorn Purse in my etsy store a week or so ago. It is one of my favourites so far! And it is still available if you love it too.

The Adorn Purse - Paper crane

I'm still buried in custom orders (one totel bag, one shipshape, one nappy bag to go) so I am not sure I'll get a lot of new things into my stores for the next couple of weeks which is a bit of a shame, especially with Mothers Day coming up, but I'll see what I can do. Might sneak a couple more purses in!


NeverEverEmma said...

Oh my gosh. I absolutely love that purse. Come on, K Rudd....

Nikki said...

A, you're a clever girl, Miss Kirrily - those bags are fabulous - and have so much work in them! I love that origami crane embroidery on the purse, to.

Handmade said...

Love the embroidery on the purse!

Ange said...

Are you going to list some nappy bags on etsy? I'd be interested! Lots of friends having babies...