Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Oh dear!

I have been a bad bad blogger. Sorry guys! Am back now though.

What's been happening? Lots of work. Then my mum visited for a week, so very little work. Now, much catching up to be done!

But one thing I haven't shown off on my blog is one of my new purses...

My friend Katrina has the cutest drawing tattooed on her arm and I've loved it since I saw it. I decided a few weeks ago that it would be perfect for an adorn purse. Luckily for me, Katrina's parents taught her to share and the image arrived in my inbox shortly after begging for it.

So here it is - up close:

Adorn Purse - Oh Dear!

In all its glory:

Adorn Purse - Oh Dear!

It is coming in more colours soon, but if you love this cute pink one, it is available here.

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