Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Two posts in one day - see, told you I am back now!

I got this picture in my head about two weeks ago, of a very simple fold over bag... I thought it would be something quick and easy to make - perfect for my current busy situation. So I sketched out a few ideas and still thought it was fairly simple. Then I started making it and it very quickly got complicated - rivets, d-rings, purse feet, machine applique etc etc. Not so simple anymore. Then I decided to use some upcycled curtain fabric. It is gorgeous blue/grey rubber backed canvas. And it is very hard to sew! More than two layers was killer when it came to putting in pins, so this further complicated things.

I muddled through for a few days and thought I was almost finished, but wasn't at all happy with it, so I added rows and rows of uneven top stitching, moved the rivets and did a few other bits and pieces and suddenly it worked! Suddenly, a bag I was considering abandoning, came together just the way it was supposed to!

The Origami Bag

I finished it and listed it in my etsy shop. Then my mum arrived and I asked her to pick out some fabric for the shipshape bag I was going to make her for Mother's Day. She didn't love any of my fabric (?!), but she did love the new Origami bag, so now it is hers. I'll make more for the shop - but probably not with that same fabric!

The Origami Bag

What may not be obvious from the first photos is that the bag expands via the 3 different adjustments that can be made with d-rings attached to the front. It can hold a tonne if you do it up on the last setting, or is perfectly sized for your wallet, glasses, phone and a drink bottle if you're on the first setting.

The Origami Bag

A day or two after mum started using it, I decided it needed a zipper for quick access to your purse/keys/phone etc. So I added one - just near the top, on the back side of the bag. I don't recommend adding a zipper to a bag that is already complete - crazy difficult! But done! Future bags will have the zipper added before they are finished. I forgot to get a photo of it, but I'll show you on the next one.


carmel said...

It looks great! Your stitching is so straight too :)

Nikki said...

Loving that one! I also ADORE your adorn purse. Love that stitchin'...